Old habits die hard

It has been quite some time since I had a chance to play roller hockey actually. I kinda grew old and my priorities changed. The wife came – and the two kids. So now I only go to watch a occasional game or two, but I don’t play it anymore. It feels awkward. Sure, I can skate really well and my wife was actually impressed when I started to give some lessons to my son. He is now in elementary school and I would really like him to fall in love with roller hockey… But he is not as impressed with it as I were when my father brought me to watch a game. And I suppose that’s life. I shouldn’t force it in him as sure didn’t my father in me. It just happened for me and it was all mine decision to reach out and try to play the game. As I am watching my son grow sometimes it’s easy to forgot about how we as a parents shouldn’t be imposing our will on our children so hard. I think much better approach is to let them come to their own conclusions.

But sometimes that is easier said than done. Somehow we are strikingly easy conveyed into tying them. I red somewhere a long time ago about an elephant that is being tied to a small wooden pole every single day. And he was of course at first struggling to let himself lose, but he couldn’t make it. The rope was too strong for him, so he just stopped trying after he exhausted every effort to escape. And time went by… And he grew strong. But the rope and the pole stayed the same. If only he knew that the rope is no match for him anymore… Oh no, he could escaped anytime he wanted. He just didn’t know it, wasn’t aware of it. That story is a great reminder for me when I try to impose my stuff on to other people. My son is the last person that I would like to tie a rope on. I would like him to go freely and not being tied anywhere where he doesn’t want to be tied. And that’s all the difference. If you are conscious about tying your own knots, sure – go ahead and tie them. But please, never ever allow anyone to do it to you or worse – don’t you dare doing it to others.

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