Keeping it real

Hey guys,

just wanna check in and spill some things that are hovering over me. Lately I started feeling preoccupied with work and I took some time off. I have the luxury of working at home so I thought that it wouldn’t matter anyway as I could easily get back to work anytime I wanted.

However, I realized that was very poor decision. Mainly because I lost focus and all traction as to what am I working for anyway, so I kinda got lazy and started to procrastinate. And one thing led to another – expenses rose, income got thinner.

This is where I realized that I have once again misaligned my goals. I have kept them focused on me, making me comfy and safe. But boy oh boy am I wrong. I have learned the hard way that it all came back after me as a pendulum swing.

But nevertheless, I think this episode actually yielded some right things… It got me thinking and refocusing on my priorities – which are my family. They must be supported and I cannot support them on procrastination.

This is my shout out to any of you who are delaying your success by thinking you will get it tomorrow or you will start working on a project tomorrow. That is very very very dangerous thinking because it always keeps you few steps back from where you truly belong. Go get it done NOW, and KEEP IT REAL. Everyday – no excuses.

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