How my roller hockey madness started

Perhaps my strong connection to hockey is due to the fact my father brought me to hockey games when I was 10. I really liked spending time with him and have really enjoyed the games. So month after month, I fell in love with it. It was so appealing to me so the next obvious step was to join junior team at my local town. So in the age of 15 I was trying to play. And boy, It was a mess. It took me forever to get standing on those thin slides. It looks so easy watching the players in the game messing around the field. But as all things in life, when you try something for the first time – it becomes obvious that it would take serious effort to get things moving in the direction that seemed so easy… But hey, with time – I got better. I managed to stay on my feet and have been avoiding bumping into myself every now and then 🙂 And then the spring came. I felt lost. Coach said the season is over. Now what? Well, get some roller blades and move on. It turned out to be just as fun as the icy version. I was hooked! All I needed was some dry weather equipment, mostly decent roller hockey skates. Since that time I really enjoy skating. It turns out that everything changed since I started playing it more. The game is awesome, despite the fact that many of my teammates had some bad luck and had some injuries in the past. I was fortunate enough that it never happened to me. And occasional bruises don’t count – they are normal 🙂

I think that even watching the game is blood-pumping. If you have never ever watched it I strongly encourage you to do so. And if you are good on the roller skates, just try to play! Oh, my. It’s soooo dynamic. You will be amazed! Anyways… There is some deeper level of understanding to the flow of the game once you really bite in. Words cannot describe the feeling. You have to experience it yourself.

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