Keeping it real

Hey guys,

just wanna check in and spill some things that are hovering over me. Lately I started feeling preoccupied with work and I took some time off. I have the luxury of working at home so I thought that it wouldn’t matter anyway as I could easily get back to work anytime I wanted.

However, I realized that was very poor decision. Mainly because I lost focus and all traction as to what am I working for anyway, so I kinda got lazy and started to procrastinate. And one thing led to another – expenses rose, income got thinner.

This is where I realized that I have once again misaligned my goals. I have kept them focused on me, making me comfy and safe. But boy oh boy am I wrong. I have learned the hard way that it all came back after me as a pendulum swing.

But nevertheless, I think this episode actually yielded some right things… It got me thinking and refocusing on my priorities – which are my family. They must be supported and I cannot support them on procrastination.

This is my shout out to any of you who are delaying your success by thinking you will get it tomorrow or you will start working on a project tomorrow. That is very very very dangerous thinking because it always keeps you few steps back from where you truly belong. Go get it done NOW, and KEEP IT REAL. Everyday – no excuses.

Being in the moment

Do you ever stop? Just plain stop and take a look around you? Realize that you are being consumed most of your day? It’s sad really. We are surrounded by such beautiful things in nature and we are only rushing by them every single day. It comes to mind that we are all a little crazy. How can we be in the moment trough the day when there is so much to do, so much to experience. Maybe there lies the caveat. Maybe we are so consumed because we are chasing meaningless quests in our life. Maybe we are just plain unaware of the things that should better us most because we are blinded by the every single new shiny object. And boy, there are many shining objects around! Every single day people are inventing new ones. Even before the old ones were used out. Sure, now we don’t want the old thing – we want new! Who has time to ever truly be in the moment? To stop, relax and truly enjoy life? Well, we all should have time. Like that guy that cleaned my carpets the other day. Oh boy, he takes carpet cleaning to a whole new level. He was so focused, so dedicated. But somehow totally relaxed. He was truly a pleasure to watch. Incredible. I spoke to him after he did his job and he revealed me something beautiful, something that I keep forgetting. He said: sure, I am in the moment because I am doing something that I love!

What do you love and do you do it for a living? If not, try to go to general that way direction.

Old habits die hard

It has been quite some time since I had a chance to play roller hockey actually. I kinda grew old and my priorities changed. The wife came – and the two kids. So now I only go to watch a occasional game or two, but I don’t play it anymore. It feels awkward. Sure, I can skate really well and my wife was actually impressed when I started to give some lessons to my son. He is now in elementary school and I would really like him to fall in love with roller hockey… But he is not as impressed with it as I were when my father brought me to watch a game. And I suppose that’s life. I shouldn’t force it in him as sure didn’t my father in me. It just happened for me and it was all mine decision to reach out and try to play the game. As I am watching my son grow sometimes it’s easy to forgot about how we as a parents shouldn’t be imposing our will on our children so hard. I think much better approach is to let them come to their own conclusions.

But sometimes that is easier said than done. Somehow we are strikingly easy conveyed into tying them. I red somewhere a long time ago about an elephant that is being tied to a small wooden pole every single day. And he was of course at first struggling to let himself lose, but he couldn’t make it. The rope was too strong for him, so he just stopped trying after he exhausted every effort to escape. And time went by… And he grew strong. But the rope and the pole stayed the same. If only he knew that the rope is no match for him anymore… Oh no, he could escaped anytime he wanted. He just didn’t know it, wasn’t aware of it. That story is a great reminder for me when I try to impose my stuff on to other people. My son is the last person that I would like to tie a rope on. I would like him to go freely and not being tied anywhere where he doesn’t want to be tied. And that’s all the difference. If you are conscious about tying your own knots, sure – go ahead and tie them. But please, never ever allow anyone to do it to you or worse – don’t you dare doing it to others.

How my roller hockey madness started

Perhaps my strong connection to hockey is due to the fact my father brought me to hockey games when I was 10. I really liked spending time with him and have really enjoyed the games. So month after month, I fell in love with it. It was so appealing to me so the next obvious step was to join junior team at my local town. So in the age of 15 I was trying to play. And boy, It was a mess. It took me forever to get standing on those thin slides. It looks so easy watching the players in the game messing around the field. But as all things in life, when you try something for the first time – it becomes obvious that it would take serious effort to get things moving in the direction that seemed so easy… But hey, with time – I got better. I managed to stay on my feet and have been avoiding bumping into myself every now and then 🙂 And then the spring came. I felt lost. Coach said the season is over. Now what? Well, get some roller blades and move on. It turned out to be just as fun as the icy version. I was hooked! All I needed was some dry weather equipment, mostly decent roller hockey skates. Since that time I really enjoy skating. It turns out that everything changed since I started playing it more. The game is awesome, despite the fact that many of my teammates had some bad luck and had some injuries in the past. I was fortunate enough that it never happened to me. And occasional bruises don’t count – they are normal 🙂

I think that even watching the game is blood-pumping. If you have never ever watched it I strongly encourage you to do so. And if you are good on the roller skates, just try to play! Oh, my. It’s soooo dynamic. You will be amazed! Anyways… There is some deeper level of understanding to the flow of the game once you really bite in. Words cannot describe the feeling. You have to experience it yourself.

Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I’m Mike.

And this will be a personal web page of a roller hockey fanatic.

Soooo, roller hockey.

Have you ever been to a hockey game? Have you ever experienced that massive catchy feeling of exlillharation? If you haven’t been to a one, please do. Go! Just go see one or you wouldn’t know what are you missing. Seriously. It’s awesome. Words cannot accuratley describe the rush I feel when I go to hockey game. And all that is nice and dandy – but you know what? Life happens. Ice is melted by strong summer sun. And yeah, baby. That’s where the roller hockey comes in. Yeah baby…