Being in the moment

Do you ever stop? Just plain stop and take a look around you? Realize that you are being consumed most of your day? It’s sad really. We are surrounded by such beautiful things in nature and we are only rushing by them every single day. It comes to mind that we are all a little crazy. How can we be in the moment trough the day when there is so much to do, so much to experience. Maybe there lies the caveat. Maybe we are so consumed because we are chasing meaningless quests in our life. Maybe we are just plain unaware of the things that should better us most because we are blinded by the every single new shiny object. And boy, there are many shining objects around! Every single day people are inventing new ones. Even before the old ones were used out. Sure, now we don’t want the old thing – we want new! Who has time to ever truly be in the moment? To stop, relax and truly enjoy life? Well, we all should have time. Like that guy that cleaned my carpets the other day. Oh boy, he takes carpet cleaning to a whole new level. He was so focused, so dedicated. But somehow totally relaxed. He was truly a pleasure to watch. Incredible. I spoke to him after he did his job and he revealed me something beautiful, something that I keep forgetting. He said: sure, I am in the moment because I am doing something that I love!

What do you love and do you do it for a living? If not, try to go to general that way direction.

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